Everything To Know About Hair Extensions

Everything To Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most in-demand services at Salon HER. Our expert team of stylists are trained in the art of hair extensions and know how to create flawless looks that cater to your hair goals. Considering testing them out? Here, MK answers all of your questions…

Who Should Opt For Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become the new normal and there really is an option for everyone. We can use hair extensions to increase density, dimension, length, and create diverse colour variations. We really see a wide array of usages for extensions coming through Salon HER.

Are Extensions Made From Real Hair?

Both real hair and synthetic hair are used for different purposes. Real hair, being higher in price, can be treated similarly to natural hair, allowing for colouring and heat styling. In contrast, synthetic hair, being plastic-based, cannot withstand heat styling and lacks colour-treatment options.

Do They Damage Your Hair?

In skilled hands at the right salon, the risk of damage is minimal. You’re in expert hands at Salon HER..

What Is The Difference Between Permanent Extensions & Removable Ones?

Clip-ins are customisable accessories that can be added and removed on the same day, ideal for events or those seeking a non-committal introduction to extensions. Semi-permanent extensions offer a longer-lasting effect, with various installation methods catering to different preferences.

Are There Different Types Of Permanent Extensions Too?

The extension landscape is vast, with options like wefts, bonds, tapes, and wig caps evolving as technology advances. The best type depends on understanding your desired outcome clearly before booking an appointment. That’s why we book a Blow & Consult to really understand your hair goals. Book an appointment here and we can help you create your dream look!

Which Application Method Is Best For Me?

We’ve seen a real trend towards the custom weft option, involving the seamless sewing of a lightweight, 100% human hair luxury weft into natural hair. This method offers a bespoke, minimally intrusive experience with the ability to colour-curate the hair. Currently, Salon HER offers the following options:

Carla-Lawson I-Weft

Salon HER’s super-convenient, express styling option, using a weft. The 15-minute magic happens after you arrive with freshly washed, dry hair.

Glam Seamless Invisi Tapes

This option uses tapes and is Ideal for busy types who want to look polished in a fraction of the time.  

Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds

Our Keratin Bond Extensions are created by celebrity extensionist Priscilla Vales. Made with 100% Remy human hair and luxuriously thick from root to tip. These individual extensions are comfortable and discreet and blend beautifully with every hair type.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Despite the term "permanent," extensions grow out with natural hair, requiring a refresh around the 6-12 week mark to prevent issues like hair loss from extension weight and ensure optimal results.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Hair Extensions?

Application times range from as quick as 15 minutes to more complex 2-hour processes, depending on the desired outcome.

What Do They Cost?

Prices vary, and at Salon HER, wefts start at $950, tape extensions start at $475 per packet and the keratin bonds are $30 per strand. The application time starts from $200 per hour.

How Do You Care For Hair Extensions?

Styling extensions may require extra effort with a blow dryer and brush due to increased volume and length. Regular brushing, avoiding bleaching, committing to maintenance, and using quality hair products are essential for proper care.

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