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Salon HER is a welcoming space that collides dreamlike hair with a holistic service experience.Team HER commits to ensuring your time spent with us is always enjoyable, from beginning to end we will provide you with all you need to feel comfortable in our space and looking forward to returning for your next appointment. With a heavy consideration for giving our clients that “welcome home” feeling, Salon HER  was designed by the esteemed (imitable) Folk Studio to emanate the vibe created in chic hotel lobby bar’s found downtown of LA where it's easy to find that your sense of time slows down, you sink in, open your laptop or a magazine & really take the time to check in with yourself & the people around you.

Salon HER is open for venue hire!
Salon HER is the perfect place to host your next event, from intimate immersions to brand activations we are the perfect place to host your community in a unique & beautiful environment.
Please note we also have recommended vendors that we can help you with to ensure you have a seamless and of ease event. All enquiries please contact hello@salonher.com
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