Luxury Hair: Premium Hair Extensions at Salon HER

Luxury Hair: Premium Hair Extensions at Salon HER

If you’ve heard of Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds, it’s likely in the backdrop of celebrity hair extensions. If you think that these extensions stand in a class of their own - you're right! Each strand of 100% Remy human hair is thick from root to tip, creating an authentically fuller look that blends flawlessly with your natural hair. They are comfortable, discreet, and indistinguishable from your own hair. 

Priscilla Valles, the name on the lips of Hollywood's elite, brings her expertise to each piece we offer. As a vanguard of the hair extension industry, Valles has adorned the heads of celebrities with her signature keratin bonds, now available to our discerning clientele. With Salon HER's Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds extensions, you're not just wearing hair extensions, you're wearing confidence. Our Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds extensions move with you, adding volume and length without announcing their presence. 

Application - Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds extensions begin with a meticulous application process. At Salon HER, our expert stylists are artisans of extension application, ensuring each keratin bond is perfectly positioned to complement the natural flow of your hair.


Every session starts with a consultation to understand your hair type and style goals. Our stylists assess your hair's texture, colour, and length to select the ideal match for a seamless blend.


Your hair is prepared to ensure it's in optimal condition for the bonding process. We gently cleanse your scalp and hair, creating a clean canvas for the extensions.


Strand by strand, our stylists meticulously attach the keratin bonds near the roots of your hair. Using a specialised tool, the bonds are heated and fused with your natural hair.

Shaping and Styling

Once all the extensions are in place, our stylists artfully cut and style them to blend flawlessly with your hair. The final result is a natural-looking and full-bodied transformation.

The Gentle Art of Removal - Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

The journey of your Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds extensions culminates with a removal process that is as gentle as their application is precise. At Salon HER, we understand that the health of your natural hair is paramount, and our removal technique reflects our dedication to its care.


Our stylists begin by thoroughly assessing your hair's condition and the bond's placement. This step ensures a careful approach to the removal process, considering your hair's unique characteristics.

Bond Softening

A specialised solution designed to break down each keratin bond without harming hair is applied to the bonds. The solution is carefully worked into the bonds, allowing them to soften gradually.

Safe Detachment

Once the bonds are sufficiently softened, our stylists use a specialised tool to gently detach the extensions from your natural hair. This process is done with the utmost care to prevent any stress or damage to your hair.

Cleansing and Conditioning

After all the hair extensions have been removed, your hair is treated to a luxurious cleansing session. A nourishing conditioner is applied to ensure your hair remains hydrated and healthy. Leaving you with hair ready for its next beautiful transformation.

Caring for Your Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds Hair Extensions

Follow our expert tips to keep your Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds hair extensions as flawless as the day they were applied at Salon HER. 

Daily Care Routine

Begin each day with a gentle brush. Use a soft brush or a comb to detangle your hair. Start from the end and work your way up to avoid any stress on the bonds. Treat your hair to a luxurious lather with sulphate-free shampoos and hydrating conditioners, applying from mid-length to ends. Use hot styling tools sparingly, with a heat protectant spray, to maintain that salon-perfect finish.

Longevity and Upkeep

The secret to everlasting allure with your hair extensions lies in the golden rituals of upkeep. Maintain the lustre and vitality of your hair by scheduling deep conditioning treatments (ideally every two weeks), allowing the rich nutrients to penetrate and fortify each strand. Regular trims by our Salon HER stylists will keep your hair extensions looking natural and prevent split ends.

Nighttime Habits for Extension Care

As night falls, your hair deserves its own sanctuary. Preserve the elegance of your hair extensions by loosely braiding your hair or securing it in a soft ponytail to prevent tangling as you dream. The luxury of silk pillowcases or hair wraps will reduce friction.

Professional Maintenance

There are moments when only the hands of a professional can renew your hair extensions. Whether it's rebonding, colour touch-ups, or a thorough inspection. Regular visits to Salon HER, ideally every 6 to 8 weeks, ensure that your Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds hair extensions remain as captivating as the day they were placed.

Troubleshooting Common Extension Issues

Even the most exquisite hair extensions can encounter moments of challenge, but fear not, for every issue has a solution.


Cause: Slippage can occur if products with high oil content are used near the roots.

Solution: Schedule an appointment with Salon HER to check the bonds and re-secure them. Avoid heavy conditioners and oils at the root area.


Cause: Tangling happens due to a lack of proper brushing or when the hair is exposed to wind and rigorous activities.

Solution: Use a detangling brush and work through the hair gently, starting from the ends. Wear your hair up during high-intensity activities!


Cause: Extensions can dry over time, especially when overexposed to heat-styling tools.

Solution: Introduce a hydrating treatment into your routine and reduce heat styling.


Cause: Matting near the roots can signify overdue maintenance or sleeping with wet hair.

Solution: Schedule regular maintenance appointments at Salon HER and dry your hair thoroughly before bedtime.

Bond Visibility

Cause: Bonds may become visible due to hair growth.

Solution: Visit Salon HER for an adjustment service to reposition the bonds as your hair grows.

Colour Fading

Cause: Fading can occur with exposure to the sun or frequent washing.

Solution: Use colour-protecting shampoos and limit sun exposure. Salon HER provides colour refresh services as needed.

At Salon HER, we specialise in hair transformation. Established as Sydney’s award winning destination for the highest-quality hair extensions.