Why We Love The Scandi Blonde Trend

Why We Love The Scandi Blonde Trend

If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve definitely seen the Scandi Blonde hair trend in your feed—the perfect Scandi blonde is our speciality and it’s a colouring technique all of our colourists have mastered. The Scandi Blonde trend, sometimes referred to as Nordic Blonde, or Norwegian Blonde, is the ultimate “it” girl hair colour right now. We all know the Scandinavians are inherently chic and so it’s no wonder this hair trend has taken off and can be seen everywhere on our Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest accounts.

But what is Scandi Blonde? The phrase Scandi Blonde is short for “Scandinavian blonde” and is a colour technique that uses blonde tones in clean, fresh, bright and natural hues. It’s all about hitting the perfect blonde shade that’s not too creamy and not too ashy.

It’s not all about the colour though—getting the perfect Scandi Blonde involves a specific technique. “Scandi Blonde relies on a seamless blend of natural hair throughout the root area and Nordic blonde around the face and through the lengths,” explains Salon HER founder, Michael Kelly, known in-salon as MK.

“Usually this is accompanied with a Scandi-hairline technique where the first row of baby hairs around your neck and hairline are lightened to create an ultra seamless blend from root to tip.”

To achieve the Scandi Blonde look, we use a specific freehand technique when applying your colour. Our Salon HER colourists are all experts in the process, which involves careful precision of lighter shades in the perimetre of the hairline. These highlights perfectly frame the face and with the correct shade, it can add brightness to your complexion and totally transform your look. Warmer undertones are then utilised to offset the bright blonde and provide depth to the colour.

It’s a technique that is loved by our in-house expert colourist and stylist, Karl Dawson, who created the below look:

For this specific version of Scandi Blonde, Dawson focused on a face frame, coupled with a full head of sliced lowlights and combined this with four highlights across the part of the hair. He says the look was finished off with “glossing work and refinement!”

“I simply can’t get enough of the Scandi Blonde look,” Dawson says. “Nothing is more satisfying than a soft Scandi Blonde with a bouncy blow out.”

If you’re sold on this look, we recommend you make an appointment to chat with one of our colourists, to ensure you’re comfortable with the blonde tones selected and that you have an understanding of the end result. As always, MK warns against erratic colour changes and the best way to avoid this is with a consultation with our team of experts.

“Whatever you do, don't do anything you’ll regret once the sun starts coming back around and the warm weather starts to kiss our skin!” MK reminds us. “My suggestion, even with the Scandi Blonde look, is to maintain the variation of light and shade.”  

If you’re searching for the perfect summer look, this is it.

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